A small summary about this software created for you:

VidéosSky Basler Edition is the standard version of Vidéos Sky but only for Basler cameras, allowing to capture images and video sequences. High speed recording is possible in RAW SER format. It is free and can be used with any Basler camea on the market. The possibilities of Double and Quad Core processors are completely managed. The installer includes compiled 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Basler drivers are integrated to the installer, they are installed at the end of VidéosSky installation, if they are already installed you can cancel this operation (you can find them later in the Start Menu:: Videos Sky 2011 BASLER / Setup)

Retailers are encouraged to integrated their logo in the software or to participate to its improvement.

This new Version Contains:

- Basic version with SER recording (v1.2)

=====> The minimum version required of Windows is V:5.1sp2 (Windows Xp Service Pack 2) & Framework 3.5 <=====

You'll find the new version in line that you are encouraged to download:

Version Pc BASLER: SetupVideosSkyBASLER.exe

Mirror 1 : SetupVideosSkyBASLER.exe
Mirror 2 : SetupVideosSkyBASLER.exe
Mirror 3 : SetupVideosSkyBASLER.exe



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